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I am Who I am

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Laura Droze is the Author of  “I Am Who I Am”. Her book is based on the story of her life, Laura Droze shares the harrowing tale of a girl trapped in sexual abuse by her stepfather. Her story has been featured as a short story in the anthology Shipwrecked. Through her work with Teen Challenge, Laura has advocated for addicted and sexually abused women for 20+ years. She has also worked with women one on one to help free them from their own traumatic circumstances. Laura currently resides with her family in Charleston, South Carolina. She enjoys boating, interior design, shopping with friends, and spending time with family. She owns her own salon and loves working there.

I Am Who I Am - Laura Droze

her book

This is the story of a girl, broken from the beginning – abandoned by her biological father, rejected by her mother, and repeatedly raped by her stepfather. Forcing her body into a prison, he locked her inside with one simple phrase, “No one will believe you if you tell.”  Somehow this was her fault- she was sure of it.

The years went by unending. And this one secret spread like poison, infecting every facet of her life, as it consumed everything good, everything pure, everything her – leaving only HIM. 

Could she outrun the weight of the past?
The shame?
Could she ever be whole again?

Did she have any hope of redemption?

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