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What To Do If You Are Being Sexually Abused

Your pain is real, but so is hope. Remember, healing is possible and you are never alone on this journey. No matter what you’ve been told or made to believe, there are countless individuals and organizations ready to stand by your side, listen to your story, and help you find a way out. Your voice matters and your truth is valid. Reach out, take a step, and know that support is here for you.

Helpful Resources

Here’s a list of several Christian organizations that focus on helping those who have been or are being sexually abused:


  1. GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)
    • Focus: Assisting Christian organizations in recognizing, preventing, and responding to child abuse.
    • Website:
  2. Door of Hope
    • Focus: Helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse find healing through Christ.
    • Website:
  3. The Hope of Survivors
  4. REST (Real Escape from the Sex Trade)
    • Focus: Provides pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade.
    • Website:
  5. Mending the Soul Ministries
    • Focus: Offers resources and studies to help individuals and communities dealing with abuse and trauma.
    • Website:
  6. Wellspring Living
    • Focus: Helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse and exploitation to develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.
    • Website:
  7. Bethany House
    • Focus: Provides shelter and services for victims of domestic violence, including those affected by sexual abuse.
    • Website:
  8. Stephen Ministries
    • Focus: Provides one-on-one Christian care to individuals going through tough times, which could include trauma from abuse.
    • Website:
  9. American Association of Christian Counselors
    • Focus: Connects individuals to Christian counselors who can address various concerns, including trauma and abuse.
    • Website:
  10. Wallace Global Fund
  • Focus: This faith-based organization combats human trafficking and supports victims, including those who have been sexually abused.
  • Website:
I Am Who I Am - Laura Droze

A Book of Hope, Healing and Transformation

This is the story of a girl, broken from the beginning – abandoned by her biological father, rejected by her mother, and repeatedly raped by her stepfather. Forcing her body into a prison, he locked her inside with one simple phrase, “No one will believe you if you tell.”  Somehow this was her fault- she was sure of it.

The years went by unending. And this one secret spread like poison, infecting every facet of her life, even leading her down the path of drug addiction. 

Could she outrun the weight of the past?
The shame?

The addiction?

Could she ever be whole again?

Did she have any hope of redemption?

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